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Science Fiction Nerdry

I’m a sucker for a certain subset of science fiction; the sort that usually involves space faring humans living in an optimistic future. The kind that allows a small child to envision a world of endless possibilities–a future that ends kindly. A future that involves an awful lot of really cool theoretical science.

When I was a younger man it was always my dream to live in an era of intense space exploration; while I happen to live in one, it is merely in the earliest stages of exploration, one that will likely not see much in terms of human exploration of even our local system in my lifetime. That is, I won’t get a chance to witness very much of it. As I grew older this always gave me pause–sadness would creep in, tears would flow, friendships were forged. Or something. Anyway…

I admit my failing. I’ve been a sucker for this stuff since I was a small child.

It wasn’t the large naval style space battles that drew me in. Science fiction offered me an escape from the real world that kept me innocent (so to speak), interested in learning, and always feeling optimistic. I learned to question everything in order to gain a better understanding of the world around me; perhaps this is why I ask questions now–why I read in order to gain a better understanding of history, science, and everything around me. I’m curious, but mostly I just want to know, even if that knowledge isn’t extensive.

Well, when the new Star Trek came rolling out of theaters last year I was excited to say the least. My stomach felt as if it were free falling in anticipation. I get that feeling every time I participate in some nostalgic activity, though I’m generally disappointed in the end. Not this time. This time I was brought back to that sense of adventure and awe I had as a young man–for a few hours anyway.

Look this nerdry is indeed really stupid, but for one reason or another it shaped me and my interests for the last 18 years or so, and so I will never apologize for being a giant nerd/geek. Take that with a conformists grain of salt.

The Exploration of Space

I’m a big giant nerd for space exploration, and have been since I was a young kid. Something about exploring the unknown of space, the size of the universe, and the processes that set it all in motion have left me in awe.

That’s probably a big reason why I enjoy science fiction so much (I always loved Star Trek, so try not to flog me too hard for that). The imagined exploration of space and encounters with elements of the unknown, including that of life beyond our planet, is enough to keep me watching for hours.

Couldn’t tell you why I have those nerdy tendencies, but there you go. Now on to other things…

Ok, ok, football, great sport. Takes a all men going 110%, toughing it out in the trenches, 3 yards and a cloud of dust, going to war, turning the ball over less, scoring more points, etc, etc.

Seriously though, take the opportunity to explore this wonderful illustration of mankind’s exploration of the space.