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Death of an Ideal

You can look to the stars or you can look to the dirt, but in each you see the enormity of the variety of worthless choices and ideas you face. Yet, the stars are as lifeless as the dirt is plentiful; and if you look deep into the dirt you’ll find it is full of life.

So, why aren’t we constantly reminded of our own shortcomings? The inequality that exists within us all is as evident as any blemish on the skin, but we are gifted the illusion of a capability we do not possess and never will; our hard work be damned, because in reality we are a limited people with various roles to fill based solely on our skillfulness. No amount of want or desire will bring about what you most wish for–don’t count on effort either.

Fear not the thing that offends you most; being told you are not good enough is a shot to the face of rationality and is to be desired above all else. The dirt brings health, life, and self-worth; the rational man takes these things with a joyous heart and rejoices in his limitations. As it were, not all people are all capable of much greatness.

So instead of dreaming big, in terms of unreachable heights, why not think of the attainable blackness that is topsoil? These are things that make sense beyond the ridiculous, “shot for the moon” that we are all told to grab at, because if we miss we’ll be lost for an eternity in utter despair.

Know your limits, as I now know mine.

Look Around You – Maths

I happened upon this inspired bit of British comedy after watching Goodness Gracious Me (hit and miss). I was curious why there would be a ten minute show on TV. At first, I actually thought it was a children’s instructional science program. Indeed, it is easy to to be fooled. The tone, pacing, narration, are all uncannily like those insipid PBS programs I’d watch when home sick from school or when the teacher wanted a hour off during class.

Via Uncertain Principles.