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The Gutenberg Experiment

I resisted the move to Gutenberg¬†for quite some time — and this was largely because it failed to work when I installed the test plugin. It took me quite a bit of digging into my theme’s functions file to figure out the issue, but it was related to the removal of the wp-embed.js file that I never really understood the purpose of for my own theme.

Well, here we are, and I’m writing this today using Gutenberg, and I cannot wait until I can move some of the more powerful features into production on my personal site. At the moment I am not injecting my site’s styles into the backend as Gutenberg’s defaults seem to suffice. The biggest issue for me will be how I handle post formats moving forward — particularly with my older content — and how to handle what will become a custom post type for portfolio content.

The future is incredibly interesting with WordPress and Gutenberg in terms of advancing the publishing capabilities we’re seeing, but what I’m most curious to see is is how well this will translate to the CMS it is commonly used as. Even now I have a few pages that are more hand developed and not utilizing the included content editors.

Let’s see what the future holds.