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Anti-mis-untruths and the Stimulus

In spite of our machinations, we continue to lose money, jobs, and inflation is probably about to burst forth with a furry. We should not be shocked to learn then that we are bleeding jobs; we are shedding them in order to reach some new equilibrium while our economy attempts to recover. But, uh…the thing is, I thought the President, and Congress, had a plan for that? You know, the trillion dollar stimulus. Remember how that was supposed to save or create over 3 million jobs?

I’ll tell you, I’m still waiting. I feel as though the numbers used to sell this plan were fudged a bit. No, I don’t just feel it, I know it. Their plan was to print a bunch of money, create a ton of debt and feed it into the economy in order to give it a bit of a kick start, but their plan never really pumped money into anything. As passed, it was more of an entitlement package; and now, everything they do is an effort to get an agenda shoved through. Universal healthcare, take overs of industry and banking, etc. The left is pushing hard, and they claim that all of this is just about turning the economy around, not radically altering the face of our political system.

This video in particular is an apt criticism of the plan’s claims of employment figures if the stimulus passed versus not being passed.

The Obama Stimulus: Predictions vs. Reality

This, while perhaps not completely accurate with numbers, is a perfect example of why this administration cannot be trusted.

I can’t say that I’m surprised by the lies anymore; the one thing I see to be accurate and truthful is that this guy, this party, is a party of left-leaning radicals. Their agenda seems good-natured, in that it claims to be for the people’s own good, but it is not and cannot be good for the people; when a plan actively seeks to diminish negative liberty and grant powers to a government that has not been given them, by the constitution, and actively seeks to control its citizenry, then they are violating the precepts that this nation was founded upon.

I just want it to stop. Their plan is killing our economy more than anything else. Their plans to tax more are killing our economy. Their plans to run trillion dollar deficits are killing our ability to borrow money. 2010 and 2012 cannot come fast enough, and I have hope that this country can turn itself around; if we can find some truly fiscally conservative politicians who also believe in the principals of negative liberty, then that would be even better.