I'm a multi disciplinary designer & developer with over 12-years of experience in advertising and marketing.

My ridiculous face.
Hey there.

I've spent the past 12 years designing and developing materials for multiple organizations and purposes, but largely related to consumer goods. I love the web and all of the opportunities it affords in in marketing, but lately I've been developing an interest in creating tools for daily use.

Interactive work gives me the opportunity to design build products that are used by thousands daily—and those products continue to evolve based on any data we gather. How cool is that?


If you have any questions or comments about this site I encourage you to reach out. If you have a work inquiry, I'm tentatively available for short-term freelance work.


In my personal life, I enjoy creating
& learning.

While buying my first home as a fixer upper, I learned that wood working and home renovation was something I thoroughly enjoyed. The jury is still out on whether I'm any good at it, though!

In terms of learning, there is never a reason to stop. History, science, and politics have always been a part of my life — at one time I considered becoming a teacher and a politician— but I was bitten by the designer and developer bug. In spite of the shift in focus, I still love those subjects and spend plenty of time reading.

I live in Michigan with my wife, dog, and three cats.

This Website

This site was built using HTML, CSS, PHP, Sass, and a mix of JavaScript. I use gulp for task automation, and the backend is powered by WordPress.