Using a Git Workflow on This Site

I’ve been toying with a total and complete rework of this site for a little while, but to be honest I’m not sure what platform to pursue. Do I chose a new CMS? Do I go with Jekyll or some other static file variant? It’s difficult to decide–I know I’d like to learn a completely foreign and new skill set. For the time being, however, WordPress is my home. Fam.

My hope for this workflow–and it appears to bear out–is that I can rapidly design, develop, and deploy my updates and changes. I have been using Grunt for task automation for a while now–and that required a bit of command line knowledge–but I wasn’t initially using a git workflow. I mean, it’s just me, right? Well, I found that not using a git workflow made deployment much more difficult. What do I upload? What did I change? How do I undo this change?

Code Contrololol

I’ve really just begun to do personally what I do professionally–it just makes sense to introduce efficiencies into my personal workflow when I’m so used to working this way–and I’m not really sure why it took so long.

I’ve setup a Bitbucket repo and maintain a feature branch workflow while doing development work locally with a MAMP install. I’m not currently tracking my entire WP install, only my theme, but I do my best to keep the environments similar to one another. I completely skip a staging environment for this site–I feel like it’s overkill–so it’s not a duplication of what I might do in a more important (client) setting.

I don’t really have the money for a commit-to-deploy sort of environment, so I deploy using GitFTP-Deploy to deploy changes from my ‘master’ branch.

I am still using Node/Grunt for task automation…in spite of how quickly devs seem to have moved beyond it, but whatever.


  • This is a bit experimental on my personal work, but something I use in my day-to-day client work
  • Typically we’ll track the entire site, WP install, plugins, etc.
  • I am introducing this process into my freelance work as well…git repo and all
  • For now I’m working on a minor redesign/refresh and I’ll be doing that in real time

Exciting times.