Moving On

If you visit my website often (hi, no one), you probably noticed that I made a few changes in the description of who I am. Well, singular person, that is because I will be moving on from my previous job and joining the team at ARS Advertising on March 25. ARS is, “a fully integrated marketing, print & interactive design and content management company with a strong focus on client service, innovation and results.”

This is a move I am extremely excited about, but one that I am also a little bit saddened by–saddened, because I’ll be leaving a company and a group of people that have meant an awful lot to me. I described it with my colleagues as bittersweet. I will miss every single one of them.

At this point, I’m not entirely sure what I’ve gotten myself into. The move is certainly a promotion for me, and that part is nice, but the role is sort of undefined for me as of now. But that’s also very exciting, because it gives me an opportunity to grow the position as this branch of the company begins to take on more interactive work.

I don’t know what the future has in store, but I’m really excited to find out.