A New Year, Another Redesign

With every new year comes a New Year’s resolution related to someone’s ideal self–in the online sense, that would be my website. I built the previous version roughly two years ago, having modified it slightly since then, but much has changed in web development over that time.

Let’s see how many buzzwords I can hit. Developing with responsive techniques is becoming more important than ever. We’re all quickly moving towards a model of development that is completely independent of the screen resolution of users. With that in mind, front end developers are being asked to know everything from HTML/css to JavaScript. As those techniques change, so too does design, favoring big bold and flat visuals in the mold of Microsoft’s formerly-known-as-metro interface. Woo, that was fun.

Frankly, I favor those visuals. The new Surface tablet is absolutely wonderful to use and the operating system work’s perfectly in that context. Microsoft, go ahead and feel free to send me one. No pressure. I basically built this site from the ground up to be flat and simple. New markup, new JavaScript, new style sheets. All new, built in a marathon three day session.

Unfortunately, certain portions of the site still contain legacy code and design. That’s pretty much unavoidable at this point. I’ll be modifying those pages as I go. Enjoy the new look, and check it out on your mobile phones and tablet like devices.