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If you watch little kids, they are intensely curious, always exploring and trying to figure out how things work. The problem is that school drives all that curiosity out. Instead of letting you explore things for yourself, it tells you that you have to read these particular books and answer these particular questions. And if you try to do something else instead, you’ll get in trouble. Very few people’s curiosity can survive that.

Aaron Swartz

My ongoing diatribe against our current system of public education happens to coincide nicely with this quote. While Mr. Swartz has suffered a rather ignominious fate at the hands of the justice system (and ultimately by his own hands), I am discovering more and more about the intelligence of the man, and I am a little more than saddened by his loss.

Adventures in Comment Spam

My personal site is hardly a heavily trafficked property, so when I open up my website’s dashboard and discover comment spam I get a little bit excited–mostly because unpopular sites don’t receive comment spam (right?). Most of the time the content amounts to what I can only figure is gibberish in another language or content stolen from some other website. Occasionally, the spam is a rehash of a comment already on the page. The common thread is that the “authors” are attempting to game the search engine game by getting their links on my site.

Well today, I pull up the comment spam to take a look, and a few caught my eye. Each of these seem to be referring to a WordPress theme–that I have not created, by the way–asking for help in solving some random issue they’re experiencing. Intriguing. Let’s see how I might be able to help.

1) Ramesh writes…

I have another new site.After insltal your theme,the widgets work well with your social.However, on my current site, even i deavtivate all plugin,it still have the same problem !!( widgets will not show up if show community widget )Also, if i set Homepage Layout : to Blog, after press save ,it always show Magazine instead, eventhough first page display correct.( The new setup site doesnot have this problem )I have never find problem like this before, very strange. Drop down menu works with Page but not for CATEGORIES.even i have sub-categories, there is no drop downใPlease HelpThanks

Wow, that sounds rather discouraging. Personally if I ran into those problems when activating a theme, I might discard it and start searching for something new, so hats off to you. My suggestion is to turn on debug mode and see what error messages come up. Best bet is to look for ErrorException [ Notice ]: User error mode initiated in file ../theme_directory/header.php. Very common.

2) Husel muses…

Hi! Great theme! I was wondering if there is a way to revmoe the Posted by admin on July 29, 2010. Uncategorized Comments Off Edit box in the blog posts? I thought it was author comments off but that doesn’t appear to revmoe it. Thanks! Again, great theme.

Husel, buddy, thanks a million! My theme is pretty great. Well, the best way to remove that is to navigate to the posts.php file and look for the code that seems kind of similar to what you’re requesting I help you remove. All of my themes are meant for developers.

3) Mina stammers…

well so the code didn’t showIn the header.php, I had to comemnt out the if else statements in the Top Nav section cause the function(wp_nav_menu) doesn’t exist or isn’t being called. If I comemnt out the if statement, then the menu appears. What do you think is happening?Tony

Well Mina/Tony, I’m not entirely sure. What code didn’t show? What if/else statement are you commenting out? Who is asking the questions?

Thanks for commenting guys, I’m sorry I couldn’t let these just pass into obscurity on an old post. Hope I helped, and…game blouses.