Why I Don’t Like Google (All That Much)

I had the opportunity over the past couple of days to experience the automated Google suspension hammer for one of their services. Without warning of any kind. Their system made a decision based on algorithms without any knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the situation, and continued to insist on its accuracy even after contacting a live person–until we could show concrete proof of our position.

Why is the onus on me to prove I’m doing something legitimate when their system makes a mistake, and why can they never own up to it? The best part, after resolving the problem, their email says they can’t guarantee the system won’t make the same mistake again. Huh?

Now they want me to complete a survey. Google is terrible at dealing with customers. Full stop.

I love certain Google products, so this isn’t to say the company is awful, but it’s pretty obvious how they feel about their customer base; they could not care less, as they’re mostly interested in advertising to us.

Rant over. Get back to work. Also, click that Google+ sharing button down there.