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Every time a new media technology has been made available, it has always been ‘abused’. This is the price we pay for progress. Winners will be those who are able to use the new technology to their advantages and losers those who missed this development and continue to follow old business models…

Swiss Govt: Downloading Movies and Music Will Stay Legal — Via Yaron Schoen

In my view, copyright laws are in dire need of reformation. They seem to go far beyond protecting the creators of works, and instead stifle creativity all together.

If you think that mathematical objects are not in time, and mathematical objects don’t change, you could easily fall into the idea that the world itself doesn’t change, because your representations of it don’t.

Tim Maudlin discussing the new philosophy of comsology

People consistently fall into this trap in our narrow view of time. We’re here for a blip and we’re gone, but we cling fiercely to the notion that our experiences are universal and applicable across all peoples and places. In the most basic sense, that is.

Code Snippets: Getting The Page Number in WordPress

I’m pretty sure I didn’t create this function, but it was one I used over two or three iterations of my site in order to display a page indicator in the style of “1 of 48.”

Pretty simple code:

function get_pagination(){
  // $paged - number of the current page - WordPress variable
  global $paged, $wp_query;
  // How many pages do we have?
  if ( !$max_page ) {
    $max_page = $wp_query->max_num_pages;
      $paged = 1;  
  if($max_page > 1){
     echo ''.$paged.' of '.$max_page.'';

Not much else to say about it, but it has been useful from time to time.

Code Snippets: Ad Display Function For Use in A CMS Template

Since I was recently invited to be an publisher, I had the pleasure of trying to find a way to integrate the ads tastefully into my site on the top level pages, as well as in individual posts. The current iteration of my site, as well as the last one, really only rely on the single column of content, so I lack a useful sidebar to place ads in; this pretty much limits me to placing ads in the content–well not quite in the content, but in the flow of content really.

So, I essentially needed ads to run after the first post, and only once on any page. In order to do that I needed a simple function that I could run in the WordPress loop, and guarantee my requirements were met.

Thus, the display_ads function was born:

function display_ads(){
    global $ad_count;
	if($ad_count  1){
      $display = 'AD CODE HERE';
	  echo $display;

It’s quick and dirty but pretty effective. Is there a better way to do this, because this is pretty much the quickest thing I could come up with on short notice? I am legitimately asking you, is there a better way?

Making Changes, Responsive Experimentation

With all of the changes going on in my industry, the improvement and exceedingly common use of responsive design techniques, and my general evolution as a web developer I needed to take a leap forward on my personal site. Hard to sit back and see all that was changing, see my own skill as a developer improve, and not do something. The problem has always been time.

I’ve been sitting on this redesign since at least November, and have scrapped many an iteration since then, but the holiday season kept me busy, and quite frankly I was never going to finish this unless I just launched the thing.

So in all it’s glory this is what it is for now. I’ll be making several changes as I go, improvements in the details, making sure I get everything right, because right now, it’s a hot mess, and adding back a lot of important functionality that I’ve not included in this theme just yet.

This site is tentatively responsive, but not everything plays nicely at this time. I’ll get there, I’m new to this. I’ve based the grid on Joni Korpi’s Golden Grid System, and it’s been modified slightly to accommodate my needs. A lot of my needs, unfortunately, made creating a workable grid kind of tough, but it works mostly.

I have a lot of modification to go through on older posts once I get to adding my archive links and search. I stupidly used a hacky grid in the old layout.

Well, take a look around, let me know what you think.