I’ve Become an AdPacks.com Publisher

I hadn’t given much consideration to including any sort of advertising on my blog in the past, but was given the opportunity to become a publisher in an advertising network recently, and I’m pretty honored by that. “What? My content might be fit for advertising?” Alright, I’m flattered. Feel like I’ve joined an exclusive club.

So, you may start noticing all of the ads here for services geared towards you, the web developer, all being served through AdPacks.com. Lucky for you, these are the only ads you’re going to see.

A little about AdPacks.com from their website:

Ad Packs is a division of BuySellAds.com, a well respected and hard-working bunch of design and advertising enthusiasts. BSA has been in business for almost 3 years and they serve ads on over 2,900 websites amounting to ~3 billion impressions per month. You can learn more about BSA from their about page or by checking out the BSA rap song on YouTube.

Never really considered mine to be the sort of site that might be useful for someone to advertise on. Maybe it is, maybe it still isn’t. Hopefully I can connect some folks with some fine, fine services, and by all means, click on through if you’re interested.