Why I Switched Away From Netfirms

God, I’ve been on the internet for a long time. I was hosted by Netfirms, the formerly Canadian owned web host, for approximately five years. They’ve not been the most reliable host on the planet, though. They were not quick to keep up with changes in the industry, and they frequently had issues with uptime. But they were cheap.

Recently Netfirms was bought out by a competitor, and a supposedly wonderful transition was in store for everyone to a new and updated platform. I endured the switch for about a month. Service on the new system was terrible, intermittent, and they downgraded some of the features I had enjoyed previously for ‘security’ reasons.

I really wasn’t the only one with issues after the buy out and switch over. Just about everywhere I looked their customers were complaining.

I couldn’t take the place any longer, so I decided to make the switch on Tuesday to Media Temple, the ever popular web host, and I am currently in the process of migrating all of my web sites over. So far, it’s been painless and quick. Sure, I pay a little more, but I get a host that is actually fairly stable and reliable.

Win/win for me and the new host.