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Department of Education Stomping Your Face

While the U.S. Department of Education’s notice of intent to buy 27 brand-new Model 870 police-grade 12-gauge shotguns may conjure up visions of jack-booted federal thugs marching down the halls of your local grade school, the Department’s need for the guns is valid. —Why the Department of Education Needs Shotguns

Not buying it. What in God’s name does the DOE need a paramilitary branch for? Too investigate cases of fraud? Shouldn’t they pass on the execution of arrests and enforcement to, I don’t know, law enforcement officials? Every bureaucracy apparently needs these capabilities apart from the standard channels. Yep.

I’m not bringing this up to justify fraud, or criminal activity in general, but there has been something disturbing taking place in law enforcement for quite some time now–perhaps longer than I’ve been conscious of life. It is the militarization of a group that is supposed to be civilian in nature, protectors of liberty, not protectors of the state.

But this isn’t really even limited to the police, now is it? It spreads to the Department of Education as well. When do we stop this business?