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Interaction Failings on My Part

I find myself most often working on a PC running Windows7 when at work or at home. There are many, many occasions when I’m trying to click on one application in the task bar, only to find I’ve accidentally clicked the wrong one and launched a hell storm of slow down. As far as I can tell, I have no way to quickly stop and close the inadvertently opened one.

OK, while this is pretty clearly annoying, it isn’t the fault of the UI so much as it is my lack of mouse control–though I wouldn’t mind finding a quick solution for those slow loading Adobe applications.

Google Analytics Isn’t Functioning Properly When Using Advanced Segments

Without the ability to analyze accurate statistics, we have no way of knowing how our marketing efforts are performing; while this isn’t as big of a deal on my personal web site, my client site’s are a different matter.

I get it. Google Analytics is free, offers a fairly robust package at the price, and is powered by Google. But Google isn’t necessarily in the business of giving things away–on the contrary, they collect of that traffic data and put it to use for their own purposes. The trade off for me is that I get a fairly stable product, with little to no support, for free.

Unfortunately, in my position of a man with no means, I’m stuck when my formerly reliable tool has issues. While searching about, however, I’ve discovered something called Piwik, an open source tool that runs on your servers and helps you track traffic. So far, it doesn’t seem as robust as Analytics, but I haven’t had a chance to really play with it. It is fairly basic, and if that’s what you need, it works just fine.

Anyway, I’m stuck waiting until May 23rd for Google to get their shit together.