Nonsense and Such

I don’t really write about any one thing in particular; notably I rarely even write about what I do for a living, which is what I’ve been taught to do for self marketing purposes. Quite honestly, I am more vested in subjects that interest me than what I’ve come to see as work. So, there’s that.

As a consequence, this contraption has no focus–nothing to center the proverbial soul of its universe–and finds no visitors. But, do I really seek them anyway? A sick and twisted fate if there ever was one, considering the fact that I know exactly what is needed to reverse this state of affairs. The problem in this case is that I just don’t care.

What would I even have to say anyway? Without question, I have nothing of consequence to contribute to philosophy, science, history, and politics–all subjects I am highly invested in, but have little or no mastery of. Such is my lot in life: to have a lot of outlier knowledge with little or no value.

Maybe I should become a food blogger. I like to eat, how about “Easy Eats, with Mike?” And because I’m lazy: ideas?