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Why I Voted This Morning

I woke up an hour early, but there was no need to do so because I could have done this at any time. Regardless, I decided to head in to the polling place as early as possible. I was pleasantly surprised to see the lot was nearly full. At 7:00 AM.

People are out voting because they either approve of the way things are going or hope for a change in philosophy; either way, they’re there and doing the one thing average folks can do to participate in government: vote.

Personally, I didn’t vote for Change™ last time, though I wanted it in some form. And now that we’ve got it, I can’t help but wonder why anyone would want this particular brand. In some ways I understand the desire for social justice/equality. These are noble concepts, but the problem is, these concepts are used to justify things that are inherently bad for people in the long term. Sure, there are immediate benefits to be had, but these are fleeting.

Do not interpret this as approval of the record of Republicans either. They are as guilty as any Democrat of spending and approving intrusive regulations1. It is not the Bush agenda that I am seeking, but something entirely different.

This morning, I voted for divided government. A roadblock to the progressive/conservative agenda. I want the republic to do nothing over the next few years; maybe roll something back, keep expenditures down. Perhaps something classically liberal could take the place of the status quo.

In reality,we’ve got to start talking about reforming the social insurance framework we have in this country, because it is broken, and it will bankrupt us. This is worse for us than people think. I guess we could always inflate the dollar to pay down the debt right?

I think we have to take note of the dire situation we’re in fiscally speaking. So much debt that it’s barely serviceable. We’re adding much more than we’re paying down.

  1. In general, regulations that improve safety are often good in working environments, but when it comes to personal choice, I am responsible for that.

Disillusioned in Berrien County

Earlier this year I sought to get involved in local politics by getting elected as a precinct delegate for the Republican party in Berrien County. Shortly after the primary election we met at the county convention in order to discuss some party business and vote on which delegates would be attending the state convention in Lansing at the end of that month.

I did not put my name up for consideration, however I had a great desire to assist others in their campaigns. I put my name out there to a few candidates and expressed great interest in volunteering in any way that I could for their campaigns. The election in Michigan is tomorrow and I have yet to hear from any of them.

I went to the Berrien County Youth Fair with my wife and stopped by the Republican tent to see who was there and grab a little literature and see what I could do to help out. I entered the tent and was soundly ignored and dismissed by the folks running everything.

Additionally, I was informed that delegates in my county have had many different evens they’ve been involved in over the past few months. Apparently I should have been receiving information about all of this, but have been mostly left off of whatever mailing/emailing lists they have.

The one candidate I received anything from, however, was Mr. Troy Rolling running for Berrien County Commissioner, and so I will fully support and vote for him and urge you to do the same. He’s a great, hard working individual, the kind of person we would want involved in the workings of the county.

I must express my utter disappointment with the process…I would like to be more involved, but what more can I do beyond just giving my contact information and expressing an interest in doing the work I signed up for?