The Inexorable Slide

A man once said, “progress is the inexorable slide towards the ideal–of which I mean the all‐consuming march towards the end of the week.“1 It is in this progressive march that we find ourselves in an indeterminate battle for sanity–for these are the things that make life worth living.2

We are forever one day closer to Friday, yet forever further away from the last. How close can we come? We can be a day away, and a day after. While we live in it, we are neither, yet the experience is taken for granted and hardly appreciated. Be nimble in your observations. Ramble on in coherent thoughts. Word play is best served as a dish.

The real question we find ourselves asking is whether or not the author is out of his mind. What is his purpose in this stream of consciousness drivel that he is typing as we think? Does he realize he’s referring to himself in this fashion? Is he even aware?

Are any of us really aware. We have basic responses to every day stimuli, but are we truly capable of understanding what it is these bags of similarly grouped cells have as a purpose? In most contexts, individuals are incapable of basic patterns of recognizing there own recognizantness.3

For the record, today is Thursday. Sanity returns tomorrow. The cycle begins anew on Saturday. Ebb and flow.

  1. For clarity’s sake, this was said by no one–except me I guess. Though, thoughts are rarely ever original, so the citation is: unknown.
  2. Other things make life worth living. Consult a doctor if you wish to dispute my accounting of the natural world. Metaphysics, bitches.
  3. Why are you complaining that I’ve made this up? Are you even reading the footnotes? Sweet. Hi.