Observations This Political Season

It is indeed that time of year again. Political ads are all over the place (sadly my television programming comes from a different state, so none of my candidates are represented there). They’re all rotten, rotten lies. One says they support American jobs and the other supports sending jobs to China; at the same time the other candidate is making the exact same claim. Who is right?

Let’s take a look at a few of the claims and see what makes sense.

We’re working hard to create jobs here at home. On it’s face this sounds fucking awesome if you’re unemployed. Yes, hell yes bring me that job–so long as I don’t have to work too hard. Look, don’t believe this lie. Politicians can’t create private sector jobs. They can help to foster an environment that might produce an incentive to start or expand a business, but it’s not like they’ve done anything other than deliberate a policy and vote on a bill. No job creation here. Hell, the new law they just created might not even bring business into the state, and most of the time their incentives amount to subsidies that pervert the true cost of doing business until it’s too late. Verdict: complete and utter nonsense.

My opponent (maliciously) supports taking jobs away from constituents and giving them to workers in China. What an evil thing to do! We need jobs here at home. The thing is, they’ll be there but they won’t be the same types of jobs we’ve relied on in the past. The fact is, after the two great wars our manufacturing base was left largely in tact, while the rest of the world was in tatters so to speak. As a result, we enjoyed a golden age of manufacturing for the better part of the 20th century. We won’t return to that time. The world caught up.

Plus, manufacturing is a global process now. Companies spread costs around to maximize profits, and that means making parts here, in China, in Japan, etc. and assembling said product wherever. This keeps consumer costs low and makes determining actual origin a little tough. Keep this in mind: many of those foreign cars we buy are assembled here. Some parts are even made here. And we still have manufacturing, it’s just so much more efficient that it requires less workers to keep production up. Verdict: who cares, the economy is global.

My opponent is in the pocket of big business/special interests and I’m a champion of the people, never swayed! Liar. You’re both in the pockets of special interests, and especially big business. Why? Because that’s where the money is. Don’t get the impression that they pass business regulations to keep consumers safe, because it’s mostly to protect the livelihood of a competing interest. Believe at your own peril!

My opponent is un-American/communist/socialist/racist etc. Meh. This doesn’t say a whole lot. These charges are designed to be difficult to defend against and frankly the person leveling them rarely ever provides evidence to suggest they’re true. Ignore these charges.

Is it just me, or do all of these bums seem like dirty liars?