New Gmail Favicon?

New, shiny icon to the left, old to the right.

I’m not sure if I’m the first to notice this or not, or if I’m even right, but it looks like Gmail has a brand new favicon. It looks to me like they’ve added a little depth and polish to the icon, as well as a one pixel drop shadow.

It’s an improvement over the previous one. There isn’t much to say about it, but way to go giant company.

It’s entirely possible that this favicon has been around for a while, and my cache has finally cleared allowing me to see the new one, but it’s new to me. The fact that I have to say that is testament to the speed with which I expect information to spread, so I’m not embarrassed by my possible old news.

Update: 10/25/2010 2:08pm EST — It appears the icon has reverted back? I’m a little confused by this. Old cached favicon making a showing perhaps? But why, if the new one was showing up before, why the change back? Well, proof that it existed is my image to the left.