Why Should USC or Reggie Bush Give Up Anything?

Anybody that’s been following the NCAA witch hunt of Reggie Bush and USC will no doubt have at least some opinion about Reggie’s infractions of the NCAA’s eligibility rules. Mine might be a little obvious based on that last sentence, but I’ll explain it in a second.

Reggie Bush was essentially accused of receiving improper benefits (to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars apparently) from a couple of marketing folks that were hoping to represent him beyond his college career. The benefits included a home for his family, and help getting his family to away games. USC and Reggie Bush were severely punished. USC had to give up a national championship and a season of wins; Bush had to give up all of that and his Heisman trophy.

Why the hell should they have to do that? God forbid a student athlete get a little money on the side when the institutions these athletes represent earn millions from their efforts, not to mention the money made on merchandise by corporations that sponsor these programs.

No matter what punishments you levy, you really can never take away what happened. USC was a dominating team in that season, and their national championship from the year before was well earned. Reggie Bush’s Heisman winning season was unbelievable. The guy was good.. And none of that disappears as a result of the body-that-earns-all-that-money-from-student-athletes’s decision.