Why Not Band Together?

On many fronts I disagree with a certain brand of liberal; but the more I look into motivations and views, the more I see that they’re not ALL so dissimilar from my own. We just happen to push for different resources in our efforts to achieve and discuss these ideals.

It’s true that some useful egalitarian activism over the past 150 years has consisted of trying to get the state to take affirmative steps to help people—social insurance, the welfare state, infrastructure, schools—but dismantling efforts to use the state to help the privileged has always been on the agenda. — Mathew Yglesias

And that to me is what we’re all after, “dismantling efforts to use the state to help the privileged.” But, that is probably the limit for most modern liberals in our similarities–and this view is likely to be interpreted as a rather broad similarity if anything.

I seem to recall many an effort to not only “[dismantle] efforts to use the state to help the privileged,’ but to in fact punish the privileged in order to help the less privileged–so we exchange one class for another as if it is a moral necessity to use the power of the state to meet these ends. No. That’s not right.

Well, I suppose I can go on the record as a supporter of some regulation of economic activity, but I’ll never know what limit is too far or not far enough–though, the danger is likely to come from the former.