82 votes is all it took for me to become the precinct delegate for the Republican Party in the 3rd precinct of Benton Charter Township. And that was a mouthful.

There are 1043 registered voters in my precinct, and of that number 154 came out to vote last night; an extremely low turnout, but par for the course in primary elections in this area. So, almost 15% of voters came out, and of that number just a little over 50% cast a ballot with my name selected1. Which doesn’t mean much, when you think about it. It was a partisan primary, I was the only one in the position. The result is pretty inevitable.

Now the real work begins. On August 12 there will be a county convention to select delegates to head to the state convention where a number of candidates will be chosen for various statewide positions. After that, it’s time to campaign for those candidates. Can’t wait to get working.

Except…I’m having surgery on September 8th, which will undoubtedly cut into some of that work.

  1. For complete data, check out the Berrien County website.