Reworking My Professional Portfolio

I’ve been working on a format for my portfolio for a long time now–about six months in fact. But coming up with a way to showcase your own work is kind of tough in an own-worst-critic sort of way. At the moment I’m in the process of getting the details and design together, with the former being the most difficult.

In the past I put together a custom portfolio management app; it was crude and poorly programmed, but it got my feet wet in working on that sort of thing in php and mysql, and has launched me onto many experimental ideas. But it became a bear to manage as it was built with one design in mind, and when I moved on to others I had to adapt my site for that format. Not ideal in the least.

Most recently I put together a small manually built portfolio. It showcases a few pieces, and that’s about it. Not very impressive, but minimally invasive.

At this time, I’ve chosen to work with a second WordPress install to run my portfolio. This will allow me to categorize and tag my work as I add it to the portfolio, managing the work in a way that I’ve never really done in the past. Hopefully I get an opportunity to launch it soon, but in the meantime, take a look at my current portfolio.