Getting Closer to The August 3rd Primary

It won’t be long before I’m headed to the August 3rd primary to vote for myself; sounds a little self‐serving, but I don’t expect a giant wave of supporters to throw their weight behind someone they don’t know or to vote for someone in a position very few know exist. But any Republicans in the precinct will be limited to the choice of me in that position, so if they do not abstain from voting for that position, I’ll get a vote.

This is a little problematic for me; the fact that I’m the lone Republican running for the position in my precinct should set off a few alarm bells for county leadership. A most disconcerting fact if you think about what my role will potentially entail–I’m supposed to communicate with the residents in my area and act as a sort of liaison between them and the party in order to determine what they find to be important. Will party principles line up with common issues?

I’m getting a little nervous about the responsibility this will entail; as a libertarian I don’t always agree with the Republican party. We’re in agreement on some things, but I will be required to potentially fight for candidates that I do not agree with 100%. Is the compromise OK? I don’t know. At the same time, what are voters after in the various candidates in my district, and are these the same things I’m willing to fight for?

I’ll find out in a few short days.