On Running For The Republican Precinct Delegate Position

This isn’t something I take lightly. There will be a certain bit of responsibility on my part to try and organize Republican voters to get involved; this is particularly difficult for me simply because the community that I’m a part of tends to vote over 60% Democrat, save for the incumbent state rep, while their interests and beliefs tend to be better represented through other parties these days.

The trouble for me will be in identifying Republican voters and convincing those who vote for other parties that their interests are better served by the ideas of the Republican party in Michigan.

I see their interests being better served by Republicans, particularly if long term community viability is a goal, simply because the ideas being implemented in our community today have created an environment that is no longer sustainable. Which is why I’m so interested in becoming a part of the political process to begin with. My community has seen better days. What was once a major manufacturing and shipping community, has become a center of poverty and depression with little hope of recovering former prestige. The bottom line is, it won’t recover that prestige, but it can gain another kind. It can grow and become a viable community again.

In recent years there has been an active investment in bettering the area, and some new business has made it’s way in, but those businesses have a focus on community consumption rather than production; businesses focused on selling to consumers will never meet the employment needs of the community if certain standards of living are to be met, though it should bring in plenty of tax dollars. What can be done to entice the right kind of business? Offer the right tax and land incentives to the right manufacturer and you’ll have a viable employer and tax base for many years to help sustain the community, bring it growth, and better the conditions of everyone.

Unfortunately, our city has mismanaged its affairs, and we are currently under state control while we get our books in order. While the position I seek can do very little in regards to any of these problems, I can help to get the right folks elected that will foster the environment necessary to bring about the kind of operational changes we need to build a healthy sustainable community. And of course, we need to prepare for the difficult road ahead of us.

It is my hope that in running for this position, and perhaps serving if elected, that I can help to foster some of the change needed to make my city viable again, in addition to getting a better understanding of what the community is looking to accomplish.