Oh Oil, My Oil! Where Do You Lie?

This is one of those issues I should be commenting on; particularly because I’m such a proponent of the expansion of domestic oil exploration, but this makes me an unpopular man amongst many folks right now. I harbor no ill will towards British Petroleum, which perhaps makes my crimes particularly egregious.

I’m a big believer in harnessing our resources as often as possible in order to maintain our way of life. As a caveat, I’m a proponent of working towards harnessing sources of energy other than fossil fuels. It just makes economic sense. More efficient methods of generating the energy we need exist (or not), but we really need to utilize the sources (nuclear) that all ready offer the promise of efficiency with little to no pollution. Until we do that, we need coal, oil, and natural gas in vast quantities to maintain a certain societal equlibrium.

I’m waiting for an answer on this? What is it about profit that is so evil? Naturally corporations suck when they stifle liberty, but profit isn’t so bad.

What is it that convinces so many that oil companies are hatching nefarious plots in an effort to make a huge, largely evil, profit? The fact that they provide a commodity that happens to be in great demand? That this commodity has largely fueled the emergence of the great industrial empires in the last several hundred years, created a vast network of communication, and essentially built the world of cheap energy within which we live (or once lived, depending on your view of energy’s costs)?

Frankly, without the oil companies you couldn’t run your shitty little Apple iPads (damn’t I want one), drive your Prius, or run any other true electric vehicle that won’t take me to work and back on a single charge. That all requires oil, coal, nuclear, and other forms of energy (this is all in various quantities that is a big fucking mystery to everyone but the power distribution people) that you folks decry as evil. Progressive ideology is more nuanced than this, but it seems that any form of profit is evil, and these companies should just be in the business of providing a product for shits and fun, and to provide jobs to the jobless, and the sun to the sunless, bringing songs of joy to all, and a Ford in every driveway. *Fuck‐it‐all*.

Is my strawman enough for you, or do you require more?

In any event, this whole mess is certainly a tragic accident. Many of the players involved, up to and including government regulators (one could argue the President’s lackadaisical attitude is a result of some very intriguing campaign contributions from folks associated with BP), are at fault. BP should pay for this mess–as indeed, their actions certainly created the problem–while the government should be contracted in, at BP’s expense, to assist them in the cleanup.

But–you knew this was coming, right?–this event should not be taken as an excuse to end off‐shore exploration. These accidents are few and far between and we need these domestic sources of energy.

Whatever the consequences of this are, what say you, fine reader, about the future of off‐shore drilling and this event?