Where Did I Go Wrong?

I went to my first official PT session this morning. This was at 7:00am, which two days prior would have been 6:00am. I felt tired, and not expecting much in terms of output, this worked out very well. I’m not much for mornings, but will certainly wake up if the situation requires it.

This particular morning, the alarm beeps (no longer blares, because I’m not allowed to use that alarm anymore), and I tap snooze for another ten minutes. And I tap it again. Man, I am way too beat to be up early, I think.

I proceed to eat a bowl of some delicious oatmeal and I’m ready to leave. I hop in my ride, to make a quick run. Ha.

Disclaimer: I kid of course. Seriously, Michelle, you’re always on time in my eyes.

Anyway, I pull into the lot only to see the building is empty and dark, at five till seven. How could I have done this to myself? I always insist on arriving early anywhere I go, though the wife tends to make that a tough proposition. But it puts me in these awkward spots where I look a little too eager when the therapist arrives.

Not that I’m not eager to solve my knee issues, but it’s physical therapy. It can be tedious and boring. And if done wrong, apparently, can lead to more issues.

Somewhere along the way I was unable to get my knee together. Strengthening wasn’t working, I hit a brick wall. My exercises didn’t feel like they were working. Maybe I’ve been screwing up this whole time? I don’t know. I’ve been working on this knee religiously, I just hope that something works. I hope that something will make it feel at least slightly normal again.

This has not been fun.