Number Generation Revisited

I wrote a post some months back discussing a tool I put together that would generate numbers for a lottery, as well as analyze some past winning numbers to determine patterns.* Well, that last part didn’t really pan out, as I stopped updating the number list after a month.

I figured if I was going to continue providing that tool for use, I should rid it of that bloated bit of analysis and make the number generation a little bit more seamless.

My project, Numb3rs & Nothing Else, is now ready for your entertainment.* Number generation is submitted through an Ajax call, making the process a little less jarring, and the results are toggled into view.

In addition to that change, I’ve completely eliminated any analysis, as the results were just plain muddying up the mini-app with unnecessary data, I’m now running the css through a custom minification script, the site utilizes minify for javascript, and I’ve implemented gzip compression across the board.

I developed this dumb little application quote some time ago, but recently revamped it.

Not that this app receives much traffic or anything, but this is one of those “best practices” things. I’ve implemented it on this website, as well as several others I operate, and YSlow seems to like it. I’ve noticed slight performance gains so far. Nothing to complain about.

Anyway, this is among one of the many little projects I’ve put together for training purposes, so for what it’s worth, enjoy.

*I should note that this application is for entertainment purposes only and should not be seen as any guaranteed method of making money. Don’t treat it that way, and if you’re addicted to gambling, seek help.