ACL Fail: Episode 302

It appears that my ACL adventure might not be over. For the past couple of months my knee has begun to loosen up, meaning that it felt as if the tibia was beginning to slip forward in more and more situations than I thought were appropriate for my level of rehabilitation.

This is not all that uncommon for someone that has gone through this surgery.

Now, at first I suspected this was because of a lack of muscle strength due in part to the patellar tendon pain I had been experiencing but as the months went on the movement was beginning to exhibit itself in day to day activities, and the pain has really only increased as a result.

I thought perhaps I was worrying myself over nothing, I do this often relating to issues like this, but in this case perhaps they were relatively well founded.

I went to my orthopedic surgeon a few days ago and he confirmed my self diagnosis: the knee was indeed a bit loose. The anterior drawer and lachman tests turned up positive, however he could not produce a positive pivot shift which gave him, and by extension me, a little hope that this is all salvageable.

He has prescribed a six week course of physical therapy in an effort strengthen the surround muscles in the hopes that this will solve my issue.

Here’s seriously hoping this is the case. I don’t particularly want to experience this again.