Political Thoughts of the Day

I spend a lot of time reading; so much so that my wife tells me I’m a bit of a moron for spending so much time doing something that is so inherently boring. Her paraphrased words, not mine. IF by some chance you didn’t guess by reading the title, or by knowing me, that the subject matter I happen to read most about is politics (and history, and science, and.…), then I should let you in on a little secret: I am often immersed in politically oriented reading. For many months I’ve grown tired of it and the vitriol involved in political debate; however, I generally stay tuned in. The freak show can be amusing.

100 years of the Progressive movement is enough for me.

Something I’ve noticed, and not all by myself but in addition to the observations of others, is the way in which the left and right are often characterized by those in the know. Policies are not debated based on evidence and evaluated for what they are; cause and effect have no place in the debate, rather judgments are based on hyperbole and rhetoric. No one is innocent.

But people take these views to heart, and bring it to work, to school, to churches, and to the dinner table; all the while espousing a view that really doesn’t get to the heart of the matter at all; never addressing the lackluster policies brought forth by either group; doing a great disservice to the national character by involving themselves in something they hardly understand; honestly, democracy is not a good thing. Representative republics are. Democracy relies on rhetoric and vote buying, while republics presumably rely on rationality and vote buying…wait, what?

Look, the heart of the matter is both sides have it wrong; governments are for the protection of a given society’s members and their natural rights, not for the distribution of rights. The more this philosophy has shifted in the citizenry over the years, however, the more the government has taken steps to entrench itself; ultimately the social contract becomes null and void.

Cynicism:1, Me: 0. Semi‐colon usage: 7(ish). Semi‐colon wins.