Not Far from Soccer

I started cutting exercises last Thursday and was basically told that if I could get through that day and into the next without added, new pain, then I could add it to my workout. I will have one more PT session next Friday, then I’m done with that part of my recovery.

The only caveat here is that I’m dealing with a bit of tendinitis where the tendon was harvested for the new ligament–I’m one of a small number of people “lucky” enough to experience this sort of pain–and it has hindered my efforts at strengthening that quad. I’ve been told I’ll experience probably up to a year post‐op. The good news, however, is that the pain I’ve experienced in various exercises has decreased significantly over the past two months, so I’m confident that I’ll get back to soccer in the next two months, as long as I can get back to full out sprinting and squatting/leg pressing a bit more weight without pain.

I don’t feel completely comfortable with my leg strength for my return, but I imagine my first year of getting back to sport will be a little shaky at best in the beginning. My speed is gone, as I have to relearn how to run, as well as get those muscles firing quickly again. I’ve done some kicking, dribbling, passing, etc. and those things seem OK, except for various types of kicks and the sort of one‐legged squat position my affected leg (my plant leg) gets in when I wind up for a big shot.

BUT, these things are minor. The pain is not excessive and neither my doctor, nor my physical therapist feel too concerned about what I’m experiencing right now.

So, this is progress, and it feels pretty good.