Mega Millions for The Win

I’ve been working tirelessly for the past week and a half on the development of a sure*, guaranteed*, 100% easy way to make tons and tons of money off any state lottery system.*

I developed this dumb little application while deciding that I wanted a way to randomize my number selection.

Actually it’s just my personal project, Numb3rs & Nothing Else. I call it this simply because it started out as a way to randomly generate five tickets for the mega millions drawing. Why did I create this? I don’t really know, it just seemed kind of fun at the time.

Plus I’m really interested in determining whether or not the distribution of winning numbers is truly random. I suspect it is, but not enough drawings have occurred in order to generate enough data to see whether or not that is indeed the case.

On top of randomly generating tickets, the app attempts to analyze all of the numbers from all of the tickets drawn for the current incarnation of the Mega Millions game. Based on that it generates a few tickets containing those numbers for you to use. Hey, if you win with this app, donate about $200,000 my way, won’t you?

Update: I’ve updated this application. Read all about it.

*I should note that this application is for entertainment purposes only and should not be seen as any guaranteed method of making money. Don’t treat it that way, and if you’re addicted to gambling, seek help.