Heater Cores, and Radiators, and Intake Gaskets…Oh My!

Ever have one of those days when you regret purchasing a car that you really wanted? Well, I’m having one of those just about every day for the past few months. It seems like I’ve replaced or repaired more than my fair share of items on this vehicle. It’s definitely a money pit.

After a year and roughly fifteen thousand miles, the lower intake gasket on my 2000 GMC Jimmy has failed–again. This is a little frustrating to me as this repair probably should have lasted at least another forty‐five thousand or so. Instead of taking it to the shop, though, I think this time around I’ll go ahead and take care of it myself. I’m fairly adept at dealing with cars–go figure–something I’ve started to get into the past few years.

Next on the list of fun and exciting things is that lovely coolant aroma inside of my vehicle. Yes, when I initially turn the heat on it’s a rush of coolant to the nostrils. It’s so sweet and lovely it’s disgusting. It assaults you from all angles and makes you want to rip your hair out–not from the smell but from knowing the heater core is leaking, but only ever so slightly right now. I hear this is a tough job and do not look forward to it. I may be able to put it off at least through the summer so that’s good.

Last, but certainly never mistaken for least, I believe my radiator is possibly leaking. I noticed a spot of coolant on the ground on the front driver’s side of the truck after coming home from work last night. It looks like it’s running from the front of the radiator and towards the engine compartment from multiple spots, but probably only from somewhere near the top. Whatever the case, I might be replacing this radiator. It doesn’t look like an incredibly expensive or difficult job, just kind of a bigger one than I’ve ever really tackled.

All I want to say about all of this at this point is: AHHHHHHH, no more!