Dollar Redesign Project

I’m a big fan of money. I need it to continue financing this website and my lavish lifestyle of the poor and unnoticed; but I mostly need it to continue living in my home and paying for my education (which concluded some time ago).

One of money’s downfalls (not the love of it), quite frankly, has been it’s largely unchanged design; it looks fantastic, and purely American, but the Dollar Redesign Project has me interested in what else might be possible. The project itself is fictitious but seeks to pose the question, “what could our money look like if we moved in a drastically different direction?”

Design by Michael Tyznik
Design by Michael Tyznik

There are a lot of excellent designs on that site that more or less take cues from other world currencies; I must admit, though, that I’m a bit in love with our current designs, simply because we’ve chosen to ignore those trends. But I cannot stress enough how great it would be to see this kind of change in our currency. I’m a fan of unique and excellent design, and to see it in our money would be brilliant. I’m particularly fond of this design by Michael Tyznik.

Take a look at the Dollar Redesign Project and consider the thought experiment it poses. Are we not ready, with a bearish economy, for something positive like this? Something to take the edge off for a bit, something to give us a small bit of national pride? Three fingers of whiskey for the destitute in the form of freshly designed cash?