WordPress vs MovableType: My Experience

I’ve been working on a bit of a personal project lately and decided the easiest and best way to introduce a blog would be to install WordPress, plus I really wanted to give that system a little more of a try than I had in the past.

My gut reaction upon installing and settling on a theme for modification was that this was REALLY easy to work with and highly customizable. I had, in fact, gotten used to working with my own MovableType installation, its quirks, and its own templating system, but the php based WordPress on my server was a breeze to deal with compared to the former. It was faster, offered better plugins, easier templating, and I could even edit the hell out of those plugins to customize the installation even further for my needs.

I’m so convinced by my experience that WordPress is the superior publishing platform for anyone looking to get started beyond the free services and put up a site on their own domain, that I am absolutely going to develop the next iteration of this site with WordPress in mind.

MovableType has been good to me, and it truly is a very powerful platform, but my servers don’t deal with it, and it is SLOW as a result. Plus, all of the plugins I want to use aren’t offered for MT or don’t offer what I need. And that can be frustrating.

What I like about MT, though, is the publishing experience. I feel like I can easily add tags to any entry with little problem, and the interface (MT 4.0+ at least) is minimal and easy to use. Previous versions were a bear to work with, I’m afraid, but 4.0+ is quite fantastic.

Anyway, my conclusion: WordPress for the future iteration, but MT will suffice for now; WordPress is superior to MT for beginners and its ease of use; and MT is not likely to catch up.

Update: 5/15/09 I am currently in the process of converting to WordPress. Manually. Really frustrating, but worthwhile. I’ve also discovered that it is a superior publishing experience.