ACL: Week 2

It’s been a little over a week since I had reconstruction surgery. That was a rough and painful first week.

This week I’ve returned to work, and generally my leg feels like it is getting better and stronger. The more I do with it, as far as exercise and movement go, the more it feels like it is improving.

I was allowed to bare as much weight on the repaired knee as I could handle with a knee immobilizer on the day of the surgery and after a week I feel pretty comfortable doing so without crutches. Shh, don’t tell the doctor, but I’ve also tried walking without the immobilizer—in that case, though I use both crutches and put just a little weight on it.

I can’t wait to get the staples out, and that’ll take place this week, meaning I will get to do some more serious exercises in physical therapy. Can’t wait.

Physical Therapy

What’s frustrating me so far is that I really can’t straighten my leg. I think it gets to somewhere like 18 degrees unsupported; this also means that standing up on it is weird because it won’t quite straighten out. Plus it’s still swollen and a little weird looking. It needs a good washing. As far as bending it goes, I’m pretty much visually at 90 degrees, but it’s stiff I can’t go any further even using a belt on my foot.

Most of my exercises have been really, really monotonous. I’m used to working out, using some pretty heavy weight for leg presses and squats and such, so doing calisthenics is a bit of an adjustment. I definitely won’t be going back to heavy weight anytime soon, so I better get used to this for now.

Gotta get those quads firing. But that’s tough.