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WordPress vs MovableType: My Experience

I’ve been working on a bit of a personal project lately and decided the easiest and best way to introduce a blog would be to install WordPress, plus I really wanted to give that system a little more of a try than I had in the past.

My gut reaction upon installing and settling on a theme for modification was that this was REALLY easy to work with and highly customizable. I had, in fact, gotten used to working with my own MovableType installation, its quirks, and its own templating system, but the php based WordPress on my server was a breeze to deal with compared to the former. It was faster, offered better plugins, easier templating, and I could even edit the hell out of those plugins to customize the installation even further for my needs.

I’m so convinced by my experience that WordPress is the superior publishing platform for anyone looking to get started beyond the free services and put up a site on their own domain, that I am absolutely going to develop the next iteration of this site with WordPress in mind.

MovableType has been good to me, and it truly is a very powerful platform, but my servers don’t deal with it, and it is SLOW as a result. Plus, all of the plugins I want to use aren’t offered for MT or don’t offer what I need. And that can be frustrating.

What I like about MT, though, is the publishing experience. I feel like I can easily add tags to any entry with little problem, and the interface (MT 4.0+ at least) is minimal and easy to use. Previous versions were a bear to work with, I’m afraid, but 4.0+ is quite fantastic.

Anyway, my conclusion: WordPress for the future iteration, but MT will suffice for now; WordPress is superior to MT for beginners and its ease of use; and MT is not likely to catch up.

Update: 5/15/09 I am currently in the process of converting to WordPress. Manually. Really frustrating, but worthwhile. I’ve also discovered that it is a superior publishing experience.

One Month Out and Counting

Ah, the fresh feeling of a scoped (to the extreme as I found out) knee, and a “brand new” ACL. Actually it’s all very stiff, uncomfortable, slightly swollen, and weak—but getting better as I say to anyone who asks.

It does feel as if it’s getting better, and we’ve moved beyond simple exercises in physical therapy, but five to eight more months of this will be rough.

I found out yesterday how much meniscus was shaved—and it is an unfortunate amount from what he described. I don’t remember the lateral or medial designations, but one side had 50% removed and the other 35%, “in an important area.” So I’m thinking that this is the end of any real serious athletic activities. I’m not even sure if I’ll get a chance to return to recreational soccer. I mean, that was the point of the surgery for me, since I had no real instability in my day to day activities.

That was a bit of a morale blow, to say the least, but I’m not sure if the activities are done for good, just probably a heck of a lot sooner than with a healthy knee.

Other than that, the doctor said he’s “pleasantly surprised” by my progress, assuming that perhaps I wouldn’t be moving along this quickly because of the cartilage issues? I dont know. The knee really does feel good, just stiff at times.

Anyway, I’m out of the knee immobilizer and walking around fairly well. It can get a little tough when I’ve been sitting around for a while, simply because it gets stiff and the swelling probably increases a bit.

To get myself out of that brace, though, I had to pass a few balance tests. I had to be able to balance on one leg for twenty seconds without touching down or grabbing anything, and I had to do that three times. I passed that pretty easily, thank god. Then I had to do the same thing, but pass a light weight medicine ball around my body twenty times in two directions while balancing. Not too difficult, and probably easier on the affected leg because of increased concentration. Then I had to balance and move my head to look up, down, left, and right five times.

I passed those tests and now I get to move on to more challenging PT exercises. So far so good.

All human situations have their inconveniences. We feel those of the present but neither see nor feel those of the future; and hence we often make troublesome changes without amendment, and frequently for the worse.

Benjamin Franklin

ACL: Week 2

It’s been a little over a week since I had reconstruction surgery. That was a rough and painful first week.

This week I’ve returned to work, and generally my leg feels like it is getting better and stronger. The more I do with it, as far as exercise and movement go, the more it feels like it is improving.

I was allowed to bare as much weight on the repaired knee as I could handle with a knee immobilizer on the day of the surgery and after a week I feel pretty comfortable doing so without crutches. Shh, don’t tell the doctor, but I’ve also tried walking without the immobilizer—in that case, though I use both crutches and put just a little weight on it.

I can’t wait to get the staples out, and that’ll take place this week, meaning I will get to do some more serious exercises in physical therapy. Can’t wait.

Physical Therapy

What’s frustrating me so far is that I really can’t straighten my leg. I think it gets to somewhere like 18 degrees unsupported; this also means that standing up on it is weird because it won’t quite straighten out. Plus it’s still swollen and a little weird looking. It needs a good washing. As far as bending it goes, I’m pretty much visually at 90 degrees, but it’s stiff I can’t go any further even using a belt on my foot.

Most of my exercises have been really, really monotonous. I’m used to working out, using some pretty heavy weight for leg presses and squats and such, so doing calisthenics is a bit of an adjustment. I definitely won’t be going back to heavy weight anytime soon, so I better get used to this for now.

Gotta get those quads firing. But that’s tough.

ACL Day2

Ouch. My knee and leg are killing me.

I got a look at the surgical wounds and the swollen knee today. Can’t wait to see that go down. My lower leg and foot is numb as a result of the swelling and I really hope that goes away.

That’s all.