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Obama’s Innauguration

Here we go folks. It’s time for the great experiment in European style social welfare. The ideals of republicanism are long dead, ignored more and more by the major parties for the past 145 years.

What is republicanism? From wikipedia:

As John Adams put it, “They define a republic to be a government of laws, and not of men.”

As the federal government continues to gather power, it has begun to abuse the rule of law, the constitution, to interpret those laws in a way that justifies the power it has given to itself.

This is not the result of Obama’s election, this is the result of the Civil War and the government that it created. One of centralized power, power not expressly given to it in the constitution.

I will grant that unification of the States and abolition of slavery were important and necessary, but the idea of the sovereignty of the states and their preeminence in all matters of government died in that war simply because the federal government felt it had the authority to usurp power from the states; that is the philosophy that has dominated for the last 145 years and led us to European style social welfare.