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What’s Frustrating? Old Browsers, Slow Adoption Rates, etc.

Update: 4/28/2008 — I’ve managed to fix a few of the IE6 problems I’ve described by simply adjusting the gallery layout; this isn’t the ideal solution for me, but whatever I can do to ensure it works in that lovely browser, I’ll go ahead and do it for now.

I’ve done quite a bit of work in the past two weeks on my site; in that entire time it has never occurred to me that I needed to test in Internet Explorer 6 or 7. Why?
Because the site has rendered (somewhat) perfectly in those browsers in the past.

Not this time. I had been stuck for several hours trying to solve a couple of different rendering issues, with one still in queue. The first issue was similar to the notorious IE6 peek-a-boo bug, in which floated content appears and disappears randomly when a link is hovered over. In my case, a background image appeared to be duplicating itself rather oddly when links were hovered.

The second, very fun and exciting issue, was a pretty simple fix. In all versions of IE, my descenders were disappearing on the larger font-size bits of text. Those were mostly block level elements, so I just had to set proper margins for IE to display the entire descender. That didn’t hurt my layout, and probably ended up improving the typography.

The last two issues I’m dealing with are quite bothersome. One is a strange behavior in IE6, dealing with the rendering of a couple of floating divs, and the other is IE’s need to render extra margin space after a cleared element.


Slow adoption rates? Bah. Why am I bothering to fix this thing for IE6? Because it’s highly possible that some users will take a look at my site using that browser.

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