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Obamwhat: My Disdain for Current Political Discourse

What exactly is going on with these Democratic primaries? While I have absolutely very little experience or knowledge of their operation due to my relative lack of age, I have to wonder whether or not the candidates have always been this venomous, vile, and voracious in attacking each other–and I’m not referring to an attack on an opposing party’s candidate.

At the beginning of this process I found myself in support of Barack Obama and his run at the democratic nomination (and perhaps as President), but these constant mainstream news and media organization provoked attacks between him and Hillary Clinton are getting out of control; by all appearances, Hillary will not get the nomination, but she remains in the race and threatens to divide the party to the point of detrimentally affecting the Democratic party in the fall.

In addition to that wonderful mess, this primary has created a sense of disillusionment for many (well, at least for me) in the political process; I do not wish to see a SuperDelegate™ selected nominee for any office. This is especially true in a process that claims to be seeking the will of the people; Super delegates be damned!

I’ve been turned off by the Barack Obamas of this world. What I have truly enjoyed about the man has been his ability to unite a large swath of the populace; it has not mattered what demographic category an individual has been from, they loved him. What I have been turned off by has been his lack of knowledge. A lack of knowledge in basic economics; a lack of regard for the economic standing of millions of Americans; and a lack of concern for the truly impoverished: the middle class.

Neither candidate has a real grasp on what is important to scores of Americans: absolutely no new taxes (and in my case, the dissolution of the Federal income tax–lets bring the tax money back home to the states). Instead they tout “plans” to fund all sorts of socially responsible programs. Programs like universal health care. Funded. By. Increasing. Taxes. To ensure that those of use who make all of this crazy phat cash pay our share of the burden.

No. Sir.

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  1. Mike

    April 22, 2008 @ 7:18 am

    Barrels of oil continue to rise in price, furthering the problem; stop speculating on the price of oil. This isn’t free market economics, because the oil industry is unfairly regulating what it produces in order to bring up the equilibrium prices of oil in an effort to make a hefty little profit.

    I refuse to accept that it is necessary to regulate output in the way that they have. I refuse to accept that we have reached a peak with fossil fuels. I refuse to believe that private oil interests have had no luck in getting to new oil in regions like the Golf of Mexico and the newly discovered fields running from the north of the United States into Canada.
    Environmental interests win again; the myth of the human induced climate disaster runs the board, passes go and collects $200 (not mention builds a few hotels on Park Place).


  2. Mike

    April 30, 2008 @ 12:31 pm

    Another follow up: an expert (who knows what that means?) decided to let loose an opinion on the world by stating that it is possible in the next 3 years we’ll see gas prices hit $7-$10 a gallon…


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