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Blog Finally Launched

It took a while to work out some of the kinks with the publishing system MovableType 4.1, a completely free and open source bit of software) primarily due to an error in the implementation of JavaScript in the dashboard. Apparently when you published anything, one of the templates that was affected was a JavaScript file that held a bunch of the functionality of the dashboard in it.

The whole dashboard relies on the use of JavaScript far too much. A simple action like clicking the help button (which I did as a result of my problems–or tried to do rather) would result in–ready for it–nothing.

Frustration; so much frustration that I almost scrapped this whole thing because I don’t intend to devote enough time on this for it to matter. For that reason, I want things to be easy. The last version of MovableType would have been a bear for this blog, but this version, kinks gone, is fantastic.
At any rate, I’ve launched.

Update: 5/20/09 I’ve since switched to WordPress, but Movable Type remains a fantastic publishing platform, just not for my purposes.